2020 Conference 

Due to COVID-19 the 2020 conference with theme Health, Gospel, Community: Get Involved, is postponed.

Our AHSRA Planning Committee met March 25, 2020 and made the following decisions regarding scheduling our next Conference (see Point III) and utilizing the submissions we have received and that members were planning to submit (Points I & II below):

I. Obtaining Credit for Work Done

We want to respect the work that has been done in the submissions we have received and the submissions we were about to receive. In recognition of that work, we decided that we will continue to receive and review all submissions for THIS YEAR’S Call for Presentations for those who wish to be considered for a special Conference Proceedings. The Proceedings will be published as two- to three-page research briefs (summaries) in Digital Commons at Andrews University. Not all proposals will be published – the proposal MUST include original research where the data has been collected and analyzed.  We will conduct a rigorous three-person peer review to determine if the proposal meets publication criteria. These anonymous reviews will be returned to the authors, asking them to make improvements in the research brief.  Careful review and response to these critiques will be essential to be accepted for publication.
A. We will extend our original deadline on the Call for Proposals and accept new submissions until April 30, 2020
B. We will return reviews to the authors by May 15, 2020
C. All revisions based on the reviews must be returned for final review by June 15
D. We plan to post the 2-3 pages summaries in the form of a Conference Proceedings by  July 30, 2020 on Andrews University Digital Commons – most universities recognize conference proceedings as a peer-reviewed publication of some sort. This posting does not prohibit posting at your institutions or turning your research into a longer paper that can be submitted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.
E. We will also post these summaries in the archives of our AHSRA website.

II. Outline of 3-page report 

Note this is a revision of the review criteria we distributed previously. This is to provide an outline of what you should submit for posting on Andrews University Digital Commons. If you have not submitted a proposal yet, please use this outline. If you have submitted, use the reviews of your submission to develop the 2-3-page report. If possible, use Times New Roman, 12-point font with one-inch margins.
A. Introduction: Purpose of the research
B. Literature review: Where the research fits into what is known about the topic of study (a brief literature review with citations in proper APA format at the end of your summary)
C. Research questions and hypotheses (as appropriate for confirmatory, exploratory, and qualitative studies)
D. Methodology: subjects, instruments, data collection methods and procedures, analysis
E. Results (quantitative or qualitative) – in addition to the single page of figures or table (see H below), please report your findings in a clear and concise written narrative.
F. Discussion: Draw conclusions and identify implications of the findings for your questions, your reviewed literature, and for policy/practice
G. Citations (Citations will not count against the three-page limit).
H. You may include up to one page of tables or figures (not to be counted against the three-page limit), including appropriate captions. The font size for tables and figures must be 12 pt, readable, and camera-ready. Any figures must be fully embedded in your document in a format that does not require links to external files (e.g. paste in any graphs as stand-alone files, not as linked Excel objects).
I. Submissions exceeding the page limits will be returned immediately to authors for further editing.

III. Next AHSRA Conference will be at Andrews University

We have rescheduled our 2021 conference for May 12-15 at Andrews University. This is the week before the rescheduled General Conference Session. While the G.C. Session is considerably reduced in time and attendance, we know that several of our members may be delegates and we wish to facilitate attendance at the Session. We realize that this postpones meetings at other venues for a year. More will be sent out regarding a Theme and submission deadlines as our plans emerge. At this time, we are focusing on what we can do for the work that has been done by our members this year.

IV. Submitting Reports/Presentations/Publications to AHSRA

We would like to post member presentations/publications on our website. Please send them to [email protected]. Or, you can just submit your CVs if that is easier to do.

V.  Visas 

If you need a Visa, please let me know and I will get a letter of invitation to you.